Yusuke Harada, born in 1979, is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. He has photographed the world’s major conflicts and its hidden crisis. After studying Digital imaging technique in professional school in Japan, he traveled around the world, such as Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, Angola and some Asian countries. He started his career as a professional photographer when he had traveled and photographed in Pakistan for three months in 2009. Since then, he has independently photographed and documented throughout Africa, Middle East and Asia. He has changed his base from Tokyo to Cairo in Egypt since 2012, in order to start his long-term project : the aftermath of the Arab Spring, covering the ongoing conflicts in various Middle East countries, especially Syria and Egypt. And he was back to Japan in 2015. His works have received several awards and grants, and have been published in several magazines and newspapers in Japan and other countries. He is also contributor to NurPhoto Agency (Italy).
原田裕介。1979年生まれ、宮城県出身。2003年、イラク戦争を機にイラク、パレスチナ、スーダン、アンゴラなどの中東地域やアフリカを中心に、ドキュメンタリー写真を撮影し始める。2009年のパキスタン取材を機にフリーランスの報道写真家として活動を始める。以降、中東などのイスラム圏を中心に取材を重ねる。世界的な戦争や紛争地域に加え、紛争によってもたらされる人権侵害や抑圧される人々の取材に力を入れている。2012年よりエジプトのカイロに活動の拠点を移し、「アラブの春」のその後を始め、中東地域を中心に取材を続けている。2015年、再び日本を活動の拠点に戻し、NurPhoto Agency (イタリア)と契約し、写真を発表している。
Awards / Grants
2012. "FOTO8 Summershow 2012" at FOTO8 garelly in London, UK
2012. "KL PHOTOAWARDS Exhibition" at The Ware House in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia
2012. "The PGB Photo Award Exhibition" at Fotografiska, in Stockholm, Sweden
2011. Solo "Philippines : The homeland of pervasive poverty" at Nikon Salon, JAPAN
2004. Solo “PALESTINE+IRAQ” at Gallery ARATA in Miyagi, Japan
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